Meet Your VAT Responsibilities with Keates & Co

At Keates & Co. we have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with VAT compliance from simple VAT returns through to developing schemes to minimise liabilities and improve cashflow. We can register you for VAT, even if you are below the minimum threshold, and deal with all of your VAT return whether monthly or quarterly.

VAT compliance can take time and keep you from focusing on the day to day needs of your business. We at Keates & Co. can help to take the pressure off by offering services catering to all your VAT requirements.

Offering a VAT health check, we can then assess your needs and provide our services in area such as:

We will offer Completion and filing of VAT Returns, VAT Investigations and Guidance, and VAT Exemption.

Keates & Co offer a Flat Rate Scheme plus ongoing reviews to see if 'Flat Rate Scheme' is beneficial.

We provider services such as; VAT Optimisation, Registration, De-Registration and VAT Transfer.

Our services also include Minimising VAT Liabilities, dealing with invoicing or cash accounting benefit, VAT planning and compliance and a VAT health check.

"We have over 30 years experience"

When it comes to VAT, there’s no need to handle this often tricky part of business alone. There are many complexities to take into consideration, but with guidance from our professional team, your VAT filing will always be accurate, compliant and punctual.

At Keates & Co, we can help you decide whether to register your business for VAT, offer you helpful VAT advice, and can complete and submit accurate VAT returns every single time. As the new Making Tax Digital Scheme now makes it mandatory for VAT-registered businesses to keep records and submit VAT returns digitally, we’ll also ensure you have the required software to do this smoothly.

With us by your side, you won’t have to dread the tax man or hide your head in the sand. We’ll ensure you understand the varying VAT rates in the UK, and will keep a record of all VAT calculations to be repaid or recovered. As there are many different VAT schemes available too, we will always work to get you tax savings where possible. Put your trust in us, and benefit from our reputable VAT accounting services.

Why choose us for your VAT returns?

When it comes to VAT filing and organisation, there are many reasons to choose us.

Frequently asked questions

Businesses are usually required to submit a VAT return to HMRC every three months (quarterly). This shows how much VAT is due. If you’re not registered for VAT, you won’t file VAT returns. The return shows the calculation of the amount of VAT due on sales minus the amount of VAT reclaimable on purchases. The result is the amount payable to HMRC.
All businesses with a taxable turnover of more than £85,000 are required to register for VAT. If your turnover is less, you can register voluntarily. This comes with several benefits. Firstly, you could save money. Secondly, the credibility of your business can be improved. Did you know that larger clients and customers often only deal with VAT-registered businesses?
The VAT return calculates the amount of VAT due on sales (output VAT), minus the amount of VAT you can reclaim on purchases (input VAT). The resulting figure is the amount you pay. If the amount you reclaim is higher than the amount due, then you’ll get a VAT refund.
The deadline for submitting the return and paying HMRC are usually the same – one calendar month and seven days after the end of an accounting period.

Looking for VAT services in Surrey?

If you’re looking for professional VAT accountants in Surrey, don’t hesitate to contact HL&W Limited today. Our professional VAT team is ready and waiting to provide you with a service that’s perfectly tailored to your business.

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