Personal Tax

Progressively HMRC are concentrating on individuals paying the correct amount of tax and therefore more and more individuals have to complete self-assessment tax returns whether or not they are directors of companies or high earners.Miss the deadline and you automatically qualify for a £100 penalty, get it wrong and there’s further penalties and if you do it yourself you may be missing out on allowances or schemes which could reduce your overall liability. So why not leave it to an expert and concentrate on your own personal goals whether they are business or pleasure.

At Keates & Co. we have over 20 years experience covering all aspects of personal tax, from a basic annual tax return to the most complex Personal Tax Advice, Returns and cases as well as an in-depth personal tax investigation. We also try and get filing done in a fairer time scale rather than overloading in January to ensure that the filing is completed by 31 January. The actual timing of tax payable doesn’t change however it does ensure you are prepared well in advance!

Personal taxes also extend to Foreign Taxes, Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax. We specialise in Foreign Income and Capital Gains Tax as well as helping you review your Inheritance Tax Planning. We can even help you review your own individual business status to minimise any tax liabilities.

Our personal tax services cover the following:-

  • Status Self Employed or Employee
  • Change in Status of your business (is this right for you)
  • Tax Credits
  • Tax Coding
  • Financial Planning
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Expenses Claims

Have you ever considered a change in the status of your business from Sole Trader/Partnership to Limited Company?

Contact us to look at your business through Incorporation Tax Planner.

“Miss the January deadline and you automatically qualify for a £100 penalty”

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