Meet your PAYE obligations with Keates & Co

Keates & Co. is partnering with a payroll provider to offer the most competitively priced payroll in the UK. This will be available on a secure web-site for all of your employees to access individually. Our payroll team will be able to administer your payroll in a fast and efficient way and our expectation is that we can lower the cost of your payroll processing, indeed the larger your organisation the greater the anticipated savings!

Our services include

At Keates & Co, we include benefits in kind, completion of year end forms P35 and P14/P60.

We offer completion of forms P45 and submission to HMRC. We also include SSP and SMP calculations.

Our payroll services include standard reports too as required.

Secure, on-line payslips and help with PAYE/NIC inspections are also included in our payroll services.

"Fully manage your payroll"

When it comes to PAYE, it’s important to ensure all wages are paid correctly and on time. A single error could have a significant impact on the livelihoods of your team, so it’s essential to get things right. From entering the correct P45 tax code into your software system to sending payslips with the correct amount of tax deducted, we’re here to support the PAYE functionality of your business, every step of the way.


We also provide all company secretarial advice and filing as necessary, again taking the strain out of an area that you may not be familiar with but which can be costly if not dealt with correctly.

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Why choose us for your PAYE?

When it comes to PAYE services, there are many reasons to choose us.

We handle all types of payments made to employees from Statutory Maternity to compensation payments and expenses as well as basic wages.

Our PAYE services are reliable, transparent and based around exceptional communication. Customer care is our utmost priority, and we tailor our approach to suit the needs of each business we work with.

Frequently asked questions

PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn and is the system used by HMRC to collect income tax and National Insurance from employees as well as the employer’s national insurance. The employer makes the necessary deductions from the pay of the employee and pays them over to HMRC.

Your final salary is calculated by deducting income tax and National Insurance from your gross salary. Your employer uses your tax code during PAYE to determine how much to take off from your gross salary according to your personal allowance.

You must pay your PAYE bill to HM Revenue and Customs by the 22nd of the next tax month if you pay monthly. Or the 22nd after the end of the quarter if you pay quarterly.
The amount of PAYE you need to pay will depend on how much you earn. For the 2021/22 tax year, the Personal Allowance is £12,570. So if you earn less than this, you usually won’t have to pay any income tax.

Looking for PAYE services in Surrey?

If you’re looking for professional payroll accounting services in Hampshire, don’t hesitate to contact our PAYE accountants at Keates & Co today. Our business payroll services team is ready and waiting to provide you with practical help and advice that’s tailored to your business.

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