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Do you need to plan for your future? If so we have a number of options to be considered so that if anything happens to you, your family would see the benefits.

We would also like to take a huge burden from your shoulders.

We provide the following services:

At Keates & Co, we protect your families interests with offering Inheritance Tax Planning.

We provide services like the Use of Nil Rate Bands, and Acting as an executor (if required).

A few of our services also cover the Assistance with the provision of wills.

Keates & Co also offer the service of dealing with Probate forms and return documents.

Add Your “Helping you plan for the future”

Tax planning should be a key part of any individual’s finance plan. It’s about reducing the final amount of tax you pay from all your income sources, be that your job, property, investments or capital gains. There are many legal ways in which you can reduce your tax liability, and with research showing that some 30 million people pay too much tax, it’s well worth ensuring you’re not among them. With the help of the expert team at Keates & Co, you can receive personal tax planning advice that means your money is working harder for you. We’ll take the time to learn about your circumstances and objectives, then build a customised, tax-efficient portfolio to suit your needs. We can also advise on any changes to tax regulations that may affect you, and even provide personal tax return services, such as Self Assessment completion and filing.

As a personal tax specialist, we can find a solution that works for you, offering help with Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, wills and trusts, and wealth management – including investments and pensions. You can rely on us to provide a discreet and professional service that gives you greater peace of mind.

Why choose us for tax planning?

There are lots of great reasons to choose Keates & Co  when it comes to personal tax planning.

Frequently asked questions

Personal tax planning refers to the legal process of streamlining your affairs to minimise your tax liability. There are many ways to reduce this in a legitimate way, enabling you to avoid paying too much tax.
The UK personal tax allowance is the amount you can earn before you need to start paying tax. In 2022/23, no tax needs to be paid on income of up to £12,570. After that, the amount paid is between 20-25%, based on how much you earn.
earning up to £50,270 pay a rate of 20%; those earning between £50,271 and £150,000 pay a rate of 40%; and those earning over £150,000 pay 45%.
Tax planning is important if you want to ensure you’re not paying more tax than necessary. It’s also a way to boost your investment returns and ensure your inheritance tax liability is reduced. In short, personal tax preparation enables you and your heirs to legally hang onto as much of your hard-eared money as possible.

Looking for personal tax planning services in surrey?

Choosing a personal tax accountant in Surrey will help to ensure you get the most from your investments and income without overpaying tax. Your personal tax accountant at HL&W Limited will carefully consider every income source and identify ways to help you save efficiently. Speak to our tax accountants today about our personal tax planning services, serving businesses and individuals in Basingstoke to Portsmouth and beyond.

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