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Keates and Co provide a first-class service. Having had experience in a number of start-up companies I have used the services of a range of accountants, from large to small practices. The personal service and attention to detail, as well as moral support when things have not gone as well as planned, has proved to me that this is a firm that sets the bar high for other accountants to aspire to.
Name:Stuart Hall
Job Title:Owner
Company:Fortress Radio
Service(s) Provided:
I like the speed of Keates & Co. in terms of processing, but basically anything we ask them to do they come back to us really quickly, which is really important for a small company as we're normally a bit late to do things and a bit disorganised on the accounts side. The system they recommend, ClearBooks, has made everything more visible and accurate. I think they're probably stronger on customer service for smaller companies than accountants I've used in the past. I've used bigger accountancy firms who don't move as quickly, but Keates & Co. are more nimble which really helps.
ReplyThanks very much for your feedback Ben, it really does mean a lot to us to find out how our clients feel. Ben Vickers is the director of Colloco Search who work closely with their clients to find exceptional people within digital industries. This is done by providing a unique, tailored search service for vacancies including even middleweight and senior positions. It's very relieving to hear that you value the speed of our work as well as the quality of our customer service as these are areas extremely important to us. - Martyn Keates, Director
Name:Ben Vickers
Service(s) Provided: Cloud Solutions, Statutory Accounts, Payroll, Accountancy
Martyn is personable, practical and understands our business. Keates & Co offer great value for money and they are always willing to talk when we need advice.
Name:Mark Gough
Service(s) Provided: Statutory Accounts, Payroll, Business Advice, Accountancy
Keates & Co. are very accessible and very flexible as a business because they're small so they can respond quickly. Secondly, they will try and help with everything; They may not always be able to, but they are very accommodating with first enquiries and requests. We've been with them for 20 months. Working with Keates & Co. enables me to get on with the day to day running of the business. They do the engine room parts that I need in the background, so that enables me to focus on the right things. It's also good to have experts around you and know that those people can answer your technical questions.
Name:Catherine Morgan
Job Title:Director
Company:Talking Money Services
Service(s) Provided: Cloud Solutions, Statutory Accounts, Payroll, Business Advice, Accountancy
Keates & Co. help me with my accounts I've got a lot more knowledge about running a limited company. It's helped me to keep my accounts in order. They've got a nice personal aspect to the business; They do things in a personal way.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Cloud Solutions, Personal Tax Return, Statutory Accounts, Payroll, Accountancy
Outstanding and exceptional on every level.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice, Accountancy
My initial observation was that I phoned them for advice and they gave me very detailed, sound advice, which they never charged me for. The advice was good and sound and that was the reason why I decided to go with them. They gave me personal time basically. They're very personable people. It's a fairly new business and he explains things in a way that is easy to understand. They're very approachable and the advice given I'm sure will pay dividends over the coming years with regards to the direction the company is going in. My experience with my last accountant was not good. I never got good feedback, they were hard to get hold of, and I always felt I was at the bottom of the queue, whereas Keates & Co. are excellent. They've ticked all my boxes.
Name:Graham Ferguson-Bell
Job Title:Marketing
Company:Bouncy Bunnies Hampshire
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax Return, Statutory Accounts, Payroll, Business Advice, Accountancy
Martyn is professional, always answers my calls and all his work is very good.
Name:Allan Borlagdatan
Job Title:-
Service(s) Provided: Payroll, Statutory Accounts, Accountancy
Martyn is incredibly knowledgeable, not only on financial / accounting matters but also on issues related to strategy and business in general. When he comes up with solutions to problems, he does not just solve the problem, he thinks outside the box and comes up with the ‘best’ answer for me and my business. I am sure he has been able to communicate with HMRC on our behalf and got a ‘yes’ when I am sure we would have hit a brick wall. Martyn’s knowledge on the detail of how the ‘system’ works in tax and accounting is vast. I would not be without him!
Name:James Pryce
Job Title:-
Service(s) Provided: Payroll, Statutory Accounts, Statutory Accounts, Business Advice, Accountancy
Martyn is very good at working with new businesses and in finding schemes so we get more of his time more cost-effectively. This makes his service much more affordable for us. He has also introduced us to Xero, which works well for us. He takes care of our finances so I don't have to worry about it.
Name:James Hill
Job Title:-
Service(s) Provided: Payroll, Cloud Accounting, Statutory Accounts, Accountancy
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