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At Keates & Co. we have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with VAT compliance from simple VAT returns through to developing schemes to minimise liabilities and improve cashflow. We can register you for VAT, even if you are below the minimum threshold, and deal with all of your VAT return whether monthly or quarterly.

VAT Services VAT compliance can take time and keep you from focusing on the day to day needs of your business. We at Keates & Co. can help to take the pressure off by offering services catering to all your VAT requirements.

Offering a VAT health check, we can then assess your needs and provide our services in area such as:

Keates & Co offers completion and filing of VAT Returns, VAT investigations and guidance, and VAT Exemption.

We offer a Flat Rate Scheme plus ongoing reviews to see if 'Flat Rate Scheme' is beneficial.

Our experts can offer services in VAT optimisation, registration, de-registration, transfer and minimising VAT liabilities.

We are proficient in dealing with invoicing or cash accounting benefit, VAT planning and compliance and VAT health check.

Expert CGT and tax planning services

From the moment you sell an asset, the 60-day deadline for declaring the sale and the amount you owe begins to loom. Calculating your CGT liability can be complex and time-consuming, with a whole host of considerations. Did you inherit the asset? Is it jointly owned (in the case of a property)? What is your current tax position? Most people don’t have the time or knowledge to unravel these questions, so it makes sense to enlist a Capital Gains Tax specialist. With the help of HL&W Limited, you can rest assured the correct amount of tax will be calculated within the 60-day time frame. We’ll go through all the details of the information you provide to ensure your bill is reduced where possible.

We can also provide tax planning assistance to help you with the sale of any future assets. Our expert Capital Gains Tax advisors will review your circumstances and guide you through the implementation of your tax planning, minimising the risks along the way.

Why choose us for capital gains tax?

Choose HL&W Limited for an expert service when it comes to dealing with CGT.

Frequently asked questions

The legislation around CGT is very complex, and as such it can be easy to find yourself paying the wrong amount of tax. There are several reliefs and exemptions that can be used to your advantage, so seeking assistance from a Capital Gains Tax accountant is highly beneficial.
Capital Gains Tax is a tax that’s levied on any profits (gains) that you make when you sell an asset that has increased in value. Capital Gains Tax accounting is the process of ensuring the right amount of tax is paid. This involves ensuring that relevant exemptions and reliefs are taken advantage of, so that you don’t pay too much tax.
Sometimes calculating CGT can be as simple as calculating the sale price of the item (for example, a property), minus the amount you paid for it, then applying the relevant tax rate. However, often the calculation is more complex, and might have to factor in, for example, the fact that the item was gifted or inherited, or that you live abroad. For this reason, it pays to get a CGT specialist involved.
HMRC has strict rules on declaring Capital Gains Tax, and sellers must now declare their gains within 60 days of the sale. If you don’t declare within the deadline, you could face a penalty and be liable for any interest owed on the payment.
The amount of tax you pay on an asset depends on its value and your Income Tax band. Basic rate payers will typically pay between 10% and 18% on gains, depending on their value, the taxpayer’s Personal Allowance and any other Income Tax reliefs they’re entitled to. Higher or additional rate payers will be charged 28% on property and 20% on gains from other assets (such as artworks, jewellery etc.)

Looking for Capital Gains Tax services in Surrey?

As a certified Capital Gains Tax accountant in Hampshire, we’re here to help out with all aspects of Capital Gains Tax, from completing and submitting your return to helping you cut your CGT bill. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help.
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